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10x Magnification Mirrors

FMG offer an extensive range of mirrors from 3x magnification right up to 15x magnification all with the same high quality we are known for. Our mirrors are perfect for the dressing table or bathroom and we will have a mirror to suit every taste and every budget.

Our 10x magnification mirrors have a true image on one side and an image that is magnified 10 times on the other! This is the perfect mirror for those who wear glasses or contact lenses, ensuring that shaving and make-up application are given the attention you would wish for. Please be aware that the 10x mirrors have very strong magnification and will reveal fine facial hairs, blemishes and pore size. But remember – this is purely for your own grooming needs…….you will not appear this way to others!
'Maddie' 10x mag large pedestal mirror in gold.  

10x Magnification pedestal Mirror 'Mia'  

10x Magnification Pedestal Mirror 'Milly'  

10x Magnification Pedestal Mirror 'Maize'  

Chrome folding/travel/stand mirror 10x magnification 'May'  

Classic short stem pedestal 10x mag mirror 'Martha'  

Large perspex travel super strong mirror 10x magnification 'Mary'  

Classic short stem pedestal 10x Mag Mirror 'Megan'  

'Black Sparkle' 1081 black LED 10x mag mirror  

'White Light' 10x mag mirror with LED  

Small perspex handbag super strong 10x magnification mirror 'Maggie'  

Small handbag mirror with super strong 10x magnification 'Meg'  

Large 10x Magnification Perspex Folding/Travel Mirror 'Marita'  

Wall /shaving mirror with 10x magnification 'Macy's'  

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